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You all have the power to get back what is yours if you TAKE IT.

For updates please come here as I dont have to abide my the rules at the mortgage scam website blog rules. Here are a few on going sites you might want to read.
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That's only two there are MANY more but we need ONE common place to meet and share.
If you know of any more victims point them right here. We need to Gather and ATTACK. Believe me they have not a care in the world over what they have done to you.

I have some photos for you all to observe; a few of you asked what these sickos looked like.
The photos are recent.
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Far left - Christopher Llamas. He is Steve's son not Debbie’s from Steve’s first marriage. He works for Richmond PD and is a TOTAL JACKASS. The poster child for corrupt cop..U know the kind let's the hooker go for a blowjob and helps the crack heads deal for a couple extra hundred. He likes to beat women his ex-wife included and has a son who is 9 or so. He's just a dork who grew up to be a cop trying to calm his insecurities about his penis size :(

Second from the left - This is Deborah Sue Llamas. She's just one of those fat ladies who struggled with weight her whole life. She had an affair some 10 years ago...again demonstrating the Llamas male penis size problem. She's never really amounted to anything..dead end jobs here and there, looks like humpty dumpty and likes to beat the shit out of kids; we're talking kitchen utensils and hair brushes. She likes to lean on the fact that her mother was such a bitch as a crutch...but this lady is twisted sister. Power trip truly but also terribly insecure about herself..Sex with a shirt on you know the drill..prudish women. Maybe she thought her Mercedes would make her less fat? Who knows?

Third from the left - Steven Llamas. Retired Hayward PD SGT. He was just abused by his wife. A stubby scared little fat man. He worked in car Maintenance after the PD...Which was terribly unfulfilling. They did not have a happy marriage and raised a bunch of screwups. God knows what kind of corruption he was involved with while on the PD, but honestly coming home to a house made entirely of purple and full of teddy bears to a woman cleaning the blood of her children off the purple throw pillows from the beating earlier in the day must have been a struggle. His midlife crisis hit him hard evidently. He likes to play innocent victim, but is far from it. He’s just a jackass too. And abused his elderly mother who lived with the family at 581 Heartland in Tracy. SHAME SHAME! He and Debbie have genital herpes from her affair and she has some condition that is like a yeast infection forever, she over medicated and now her body doesn’t respond to it, that’s just amusing FYI for ya.

In the middle - Kristy Lynn Llamas. She's your average snotty teenager who knew what was going on but had to have those Abercrombie pants. She's likely been pregnant by now being aloud to have sex at home and all. Abortion is birth control, that’s simply their style, if not selling the baby on the black market. She has a very ugly face – she looks like her mother.

Second from the right - Michael Llamas. Wow. Like Megan’s law wow. If you have all that money for Christ sake clean yourself up! Fix those gappy teeth firstly those things are just hideous. Someone on one of the mortgage websites mentioned that he was a slut.. but failed to mention that he is a slut by way of prostitutes both male and female. Some people look the part, some don’t, Michael Llamas looks the part. He likes to stage rape scenes and will pay top dollar for that. He grew up severely overweight, lost his weight and then gained it back again. He always felt in competition with his brothers being the least attractive of the three. Not that the other two are anything special at all as you see. He's a talker. From what I’ve learned he's always been the way he is now. He was a loner and decided that money could buy him fame. Not fame just sickness.

Far Right - Jeffrey Llamas, Haven’t been able to find out much about him besides that he has spent time in the army and has 6 children the oldest is not his and his kids' names are how the Llamas family hides property and money. He has a public myspace searchable by name.

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(Left: Chris Llamas Middle: Michael Llamas Right: Jeff Llamas)

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(Left: Chris Llamas Second to the left: Steve Llamas Middle: Mike Llamas Second to the right: Jeff Llamas Right: Kristi Llamas)

- They all suffer from severe depression and a handful of disorders. It takes a certain kind of person to do the things they have done with no remorse, like Charles Manson. The funny part is that they also steal from each other. There are hefty life insurance policies on everyone; murder for money would not be surprising.

Look guys, you have to get creative. I have. How many cell phone providers are there? 7 or so - I called all of them,“Hello I'm calling on behalf of my wife, or my son,” they ask for the name you give it, if they pull nothing you call the next one until bingo you find that individual and family plan. They are not educated people, against a computer hacker they are like a heard of boxer dogs, "can I have a cookie??" You then give the pertinent identifying account info and explain that she is incarcerated and I will be paying the bill, I need an immediate printout faxed because we need it for defense, "oh certainly...have I helped you out today, is there anything else?" it works, you can be anyone over the phone. If they took your house you have got to get creative. You are not dealing with smart people. This is an electronic era, they have a computer, everything gets stored. Clearing cookies does not change a hard drive and once they set foot online their info is available. Readily.

I was actually contacted to work this by someone very close to the Llamass' still today regularly. He wants to see them go down but does not want to cross the line and be out of the loop. They can’t run away, I have published their pictures before but they fought to have the pictures taken down, why? What for. People can’t be warned with a name they need to see the faces. You ALL need to get together an get this televised. No one will be interested in one person's story but as many of you as there are, they will listen. It needs to be ongoing and humiliating like the to catch a predator series.
They are predators and they are stupid about it. Remember over the phone you can be anyone. With cell records you can call who they call visit who they visit. Post pictures up at grocery stores like garage sale signs. They TOOK your home. Making life uncomfortable for them is not illegal. Overseas accounts...well I can’t wait to take on that one. Foreign banks are more corrupt than Chris the cop. If the money disappears what is their recourse, over seas vs. USA..Ha-ha.

If nothing else have a laugh at how ugly they are and get creative. Anger is fuel and they have it coming. I will also be opening Llamas family victim accounts on myspace, twitter, and facebook. I will let u all know the accounts once they have been created. These little blog sites aren’t going to cut it. Join the networking sites. I think people still don’t know the full gravity of the monster that is them and just how many people there are.


I was advised by a participant at a mortgage scam website that Mike Llamas was once quoted saying "I can take care of anybody" I have heard this myself but he must have meant he could take care of anyone in a fudge packing giving head anal sex kind of way..did he flip his hand when he said it?
If he did have any kind of connection it was not your street gangster kind of connection, look at the man; it would have been the blue coller secret society millionairs clUb bullshit, but he's likely been cut loose from there, as I am familiar with their innerworkings also, they cant stand the stupid newbie who does things and gets caught, they wont risk their own skin. To be frank the Llamas's have themselves to worry about, taking the homes of as many people as they did...did they really not think they would not cross someone with legitimate connections, or perhaps someone who felt a couple grand given to a crackhead to "take care of them" was money well spent...Kristy Llamas is also not 17 as indicated on her myspace, she is 18. I have spoken to a Llamas victim who hired somewone to spy on them..some bum with nothing else to do..results were amusing. You can find the daughter on ...getting undressed and dancing like an idiot. they hurt many people but think they did not reach someones spot where they are willing to do anything for revenge with nothing to loose. Messing with ones family is tricky business. There is a victim located in Alameda county who's son is invlolved in the NorteƱos gang, the Llamas's are major tagerts, and the people aiming aren't going to even think twice considering what has been done to them or their families. Fortunatley legal justice is not the only way to handle this, but still be legal about it ;) after all where will they go? to the police? Laughable.

Have a look-see, Until next time - Much more to come featuring videos and recordings and transcripts and telephone numbers it’ll be a hoot.

Llamas Myspaces'

Jeffrey Llamas (age 27) myspace - (the only profile not set to private)

Kristy Llamas (age 18) myspace -

Shannon Llamas (age 26)- from browsing his comments this is Jeff's wife)

Signing off - your faithful handy P.I

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I am related to the Llamas family and All of this rings so true. We do need to come together and make them pay. I think this is a good start.

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The introduction is surely interesting. It's good to know who these people really are. You feel so stupid for what happend.

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Look look the big woman is wearing a purple shirt!