Friday, April 24, 2009

Myspace Updates -

Llamas Myspaces'

Note: these myspaces' are set to private But I have already hacked them, there's nothing more that's usable remaining on the myspaces'. The inbox/outbox messages were nothing special, While I can't post the hacks here - because myspace will then fix the problem and I'll have to find a new hack; I will share them privately with you. Once I launch the website there will be a private area for members only...(free of course) I doubt they will become members or even try, once you have a website and someone visits let alone becomes a member, they leave a trail viewable by the website owner.

Jeffrey Llamas (age 27) myspace - (the only profile not set to private)
Set to private as of April 24th 2009

Kristy Llamas (age 18) myspace -
Deleted as of April 24th 2009
-There will be a new one, when I locate it I will post it here

Shannon Llamas (age 26)- from browsing his comments this is Jeff's wife)
Deleted as of April 26th 2009

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