Monday, April 27, 2009

They're Still trying!

Now this is inventive...
I actually found a review for Property line intestments on yelp saying this-
"This last year was a tough one for my family and I. First I was let go from my job in San Francisco, then I took on an extra family member in my house, and then my daughter had a baby. My house was completely full and there was not much money coming in while I was maintaining a new low paying job. I got so far behind in my bills the bank was about to take my house away. After exploring my options and talking to banks and loan officers that were interested in helping me I found Property Line Investments. From the beginning these guys were professional and came through with a better offer than anyone else around. Without the help I got from Property Line my family and I would have been out on the street. I recommend this company to anyone who is going through hard times."

Yeeahh right, uh-huh I figured I'd contact the guy and see what he had to say now. Upon clicking his profile, I saw that he had 53 reviews and 6 pictures, so I clicked the pictures, one picture he has is the logo for JVF Consulting this is what he had to say about them-
"Searching for someone to build a custom website is harder than shopping for a car! I knew exactly what I wanted, but getting my ideas across to the web designers I was talking to was difficult and frustrating.
I finally heard about JVF through a friend. After contacting them about my future website, they understood exactly what I wanted and needed. They were able to build my site into a masterpiece that easily blows the competition away!"

His reviews are 5 days apart if someone was about to be homeless with a low paying job just what is the website all about? He also boasts about buying a new BMW just a couple months later..At any rate JVF Consulting is the company responsible for the property line investments website. The website ( Is shown on the JVF Consulting website in their portfolio, see it ­HERE

His Yelp profile can be seen here- ­Rex Q (His profile pic should show the "Rex Quando" scene from Napoleon Dynamite)

His profile is worth a look and I will trace to find his location, It's pretty interesting. He gave his last review this month for a burger joint in Dublin.

I say it's Michael. Or one of em. We'll see!

I also found a name I haven't seen before in reference to the Llamass'

Raquel Medina

Found on a mortgage brokers forum.

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