Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Lee Loomis

Paragraph 32-36 are worth your read. The Llamas family can deny what they did as Llamas group but this document directly names them...Explain yourselves.

See it here.

FYI: Perter Woodward is Micheal Llamas's current girlsfriend Lauren woodward's father.

I have written to any and all news reporters and talk shows regarding the Llamass'. Many but not all (yet) have replied with interest. Please email your stories to This individual made contact with me and has been of great help since then. Chris Hansen's people have responded so has 7 on your side. I need as many of you as possible to get those stories written and emailed. The producers are waiting. We can get this televised. It is absolutely news worthy, on your behalf and to protect any new victims that might be on the Llamas radar at the moment.
Being televised will impact you greatly, it will both bring attention to these slugs and prompt those who can help you, to step forward and do so.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Victims leaving comments to be un-published.

97 of you contatced me through the blog and asked me to contact you while keeping your comments un published. I will get to each of you. In the mean time I have been contacted back by some interested hosts and reporters. I need everyone who can and is willing to tell their story, ready to do that.
Please write it out and send it to me. I can't grab it from the mortgage blog since that is bits and pieces and I need it directly from you. Try to be as concise as you can.

Monday, April 27, 2009

They're Still trying!

Now this is inventive...
I actually found a review for Property line intestments on yelp saying this-
"This last year was a tough one for my family and I. First I was let go from my job in San Francisco, then I took on an extra family member in my house, and then my daughter had a baby. My house was completely full and there was not much money coming in while I was maintaining a new low paying job. I got so far behind in my bills the bank was about to take my house away. After exploring my options and talking to banks and loan officers that were interested in helping me I found Property Line Investments. From the beginning these guys were professional and came through with a better offer than anyone else around. Without the help I got from Property Line my family and I would have been out on the street. I recommend this company to anyone who is going through hard times."

Yeeahh right, uh-huh I figured I'd contact the guy and see what he had to say now. Upon clicking his profile, I saw that he had 53 reviews and 6 pictures, so I clicked the pictures, one picture he has is the logo for JVF Consulting this is what he had to say about them-
"Searching for someone to build a custom website is harder than shopping for a car! I knew exactly what I wanted, but getting my ideas across to the web designers I was talking to was difficult and frustrating.
I finally heard about JVF through a friend. After contacting them about my future website, they understood exactly what I wanted and needed. They were able to build my site into a masterpiece that easily blows the competition away!"

His reviews are 5 days apart if someone was about to be homeless with a low paying job just what is the website all about? He also boasts about buying a new BMW just a couple months later..At any rate JVF Consulting is the company responsible for the property line investments website. The website ( Is shown on the JVF Consulting website in their portfolio, see it ­HERE

His Yelp profile can be seen here- ­Rex Q (His profile pic should show the "Rex Quando" scene from Napoleon Dynamite)

His profile is worth a look and I will trace to find his location, It's pretty interesting. He gave his last review this month for a burger joint in Dublin.

I say it's Michael. Or one of em. We'll see!

I also found a name I haven't seen before in reference to the Llamass'

Raquel Medina

Found on a mortgage brokers forum.

Friday, April 24, 2009

There is help...

As Seen tonight on 7 on your side-
Can you freeze a foreclosure by saying three words? "Produce the note." That's legal shorthand for: "Prove I owe you the money."


Boy these people really are stupid. I have just now been contacted by an ex-friend, present victim of theirs, they sure were very careless in choosing who they took advantage of...what I have coming better than Ohh I don't know - taking a dip in a brand new pool on a really hot day...or sailing on a yaught..or driving a fast car.

What do they say in A.A.

"Keep coming back! It works if you work it"

Except they should be the ones saying prayers right now.

The saying is true, keep coming back guys. Take back what is yours! It works if you work it. We'll get them together!

Signing off - your faithful handy P.I

How to's.

You guys can do it too, find and download any file sharing program, limewire is one I used for instance. Usually when people download progrmas like this they keep the settings at the defaults the program chooses. This means that included in the file sharing is not only the music on the computer but also images and documents. If you search Llamas, or any word pertaining to this family and their business and click on images - then search again under documents, you will be very surprised what comes up. Even if the Llamass' delete any file sharing programs they may have, it doesnt stop us from finding their info on the computers of their friends, accociates and enemies.

I have been itching to blow thier shit wide open for quite some time, before they started stealing from people. They were disfunctional and destructive even before that...When Dirty Debbie directly imacted my life. I hope you enjoyed your affair and it shows how truly spinless Steve Llamas is. What kind of pussy-whipped weenie stays in a marriage after it has been marked with infidelity?

These people need to be hunted, daily they need to see your faces. They need every mintue of their lives set as a reminder, they should probably hope that they are arrested before the street catches up to them. There is relative of a victim (different than the Norteños son I mentioned previously)in Pelican Bay, I am not up on the prison lingo, some babble about "flying a kite" I'll have to watch a little gangland and find out what that means exactly...

Myspace Updates -

Llamas Myspaces'

Note: these myspaces' are set to private But I have already hacked them, there's nothing more that's usable remaining on the myspaces'. The inbox/outbox messages were nothing special, While I can't post the hacks here - because myspace will then fix the problem and I'll have to find a new hack; I will share them privately with you. Once I launch the website there will be a private area for members only...(free of course) I doubt they will become members or even try, once you have a website and someone visits let alone becomes a member, they leave a trail viewable by the website owner.

Jeffrey Llamas (age 27) myspace - (the only profile not set to private)
Set to private as of April 24th 2009

Kristy Llamas (age 18) myspace -
Deleted as of April 24th 2009
-There will be a new one, when I locate it I will post it here

Shannon Llamas (age 26)- from browsing his comments this is Jeff's wife)
Deleted as of April 26th 2009

Mike Llamas on Craigslist Erotic services.

He does have an account with Craigslist and in order to have type of account he has it must be verified by email and phone - both for Michael Llamas. Remember over the phone u can be ANYBODY..craigslist has been under fire and will protect themselves if they deem necessary, and believe they are talking to a person that they could not deny such information. I think It's important that we understand who Mike Llamas really is.

I have posted in Craigslist also - using his image and looking for anyone who has already met and serviced this perverse and sick young man. I've gotten a few responses and will post later on.

Mike currently has two ads posted in erotic services.

Wealthy, involved man seeks a skilled and attractive female for a quick, daily deposit.

Must be attractive, disease-free, and provide a convenient location for a fast, daily transaction.

Compensation 500 a day, 7 days a week. MUST BE AVAILABLE 7 DAYS OR NO DEAL.
No condoms, you must swallow and kiss on the mouth.

If interested, send a few clear pictures, show me in the email you've actually read this ad, and we can discuss details further.

Serious inquiries only.

Escalon Lathrop Lodi Manteca Ripon Stockton Tracy


I've decided that I'd like to make one of my fantasies come true. For a long time, I've wanted to live out my fantasy of having a fun threesome with 2 cute and adventurous females. Here is my proposal. I am looking for two cute, fun-loving, fit females who are 18-26

If there is mutual interest among everyone, we can have a fun, intimate time together. In return, I would be happy to give you a total of 700-1200 reasons for your fav charity each. If we click, we could even have a regular, ongoing arrangement.I'm easy-going, fun-loving, and adventurous, but at the same time
respectful of others and sane.

I am disease free and lead a healthy lifestyle. Likewise, I am searching for two open-minded females who are disease free and are non-pros (regular people). I'd prefer someone that has photos to trade. My proposal would be a great opportunity for two fun, open-minded female friends to add a generous new male friend to
their lives

I am not anything into too extreme, I'll pay more for fisting and bdsm. If you are submissive the amount goes higher. I don't want to go too in depth here, but will explain my expectations privately in email. I'm not into condoms and am lookinhg for full GFE. I am always play safe and expect the same.If you agree to play how I want I expect you to fully understand what we will be doing and not flake out!
I plan to meet this weekend. I can host.We can meet in a hotel I have a favorite. they are familiar with me and r discreet.

be serious and u can make allot.

Escalon Lathrop Lodi Manteca Ripon Stockton Tracy

SICK-SICK! This is our next Craigslist killer.
I have responded to both and will look into this hotel. We ought to all show up!


Signing off - your faithful handy P.I

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Llamas Family Album

Image Hosted by
LEFT: Michael Llamas RIGHT: Christopher Llamas

Image Hosted by
LEFT: Kathy (Debbie's sister) RIGHT: Debbie Llamas - The Llamass' even stole Debbie's sister Kathy's house out from under her, they did what they did with no regard, and they will continue until we all stop them.

LEFT: Debbie Llamas SECOND FROM THE LEFT: Chris Llamas SECOND FROM THE RIGHT: Chris's Ex-wife (married only for weeks - divorced and physically abused) RIGHT: Steve Llamas

LEFT: Kathy's daughter Samantha RIGHT: Kristi Llamas

Mike Llamass' corvette- Paid for in cash. The Title was never in Mike's name. Thats just another indicator that they knew what they were doing. This is just one of many toys your stolen money bought. His home is another, of course also paid for in cash. $815,000



You all have the power to get back what is yours if you TAKE IT.

For updates please come here as I dont have to abide my the rules at the mortgage scam website blog rules. Here are a few on going sites you might want to read.
­ Mortgage blog site #1
­ Mortgage blog site #2

That's only two there are MANY more but we need ONE common place to meet and share.
If you know of any more victims point them right here. We need to Gather and ATTACK. Believe me they have not a care in the world over what they have done to you.

I have some photos for you all to observe; a few of you asked what these sickos looked like.
The photos are recent.
Image Hosted by

Far left - Christopher Llamas. He is Steve's son not Debbie’s from Steve’s first marriage. He works for Richmond PD and is a TOTAL JACKASS. The poster child for corrupt cop..U know the kind let's the hooker go for a blowjob and helps the crack heads deal for a couple extra hundred. He likes to beat women his ex-wife included and has a son who is 9 or so. He's just a dork who grew up to be a cop trying to calm his insecurities about his penis size :(

Second from the left - This is Deborah Sue Llamas. She's just one of those fat ladies who struggled with weight her whole life. She had an affair some 10 years ago...again demonstrating the Llamas male penis size problem. She's never really amounted to anything..dead end jobs here and there, looks like humpty dumpty and likes to beat the shit out of kids; we're talking kitchen utensils and hair brushes. She likes to lean on the fact that her mother was such a bitch as a crutch...but this lady is twisted sister. Power trip truly but also terribly insecure about herself..Sex with a shirt on you know the drill..prudish women. Maybe she thought her Mercedes would make her less fat? Who knows?

Third from the left - Steven Llamas. Retired Hayward PD SGT. He was just abused by his wife. A stubby scared little fat man. He worked in car Maintenance after the PD...Which was terribly unfulfilling. They did not have a happy marriage and raised a bunch of screwups. God knows what kind of corruption he was involved with while on the PD, but honestly coming home to a house made entirely of purple and full of teddy bears to a woman cleaning the blood of her children off the purple throw pillows from the beating earlier in the day must have been a struggle. His midlife crisis hit him hard evidently. He likes to play innocent victim, but is far from it. He’s just a jackass too. And abused his elderly mother who lived with the family at 581 Heartland in Tracy. SHAME SHAME! He and Debbie have genital herpes from her affair and she has some condition that is like a yeast infection forever, she over medicated and now her body doesn’t respond to it, that’s just amusing FYI for ya.

In the middle - Kristy Lynn Llamas. She's your average snotty teenager who knew what was going on but had to have those Abercrombie pants. She's likely been pregnant by now being aloud to have sex at home and all. Abortion is birth control, that’s simply their style, if not selling the baby on the black market. She has a very ugly face – she looks like her mother.

Second from the right - Michael Llamas. Wow. Like Megan’s law wow. If you have all that money for Christ sake clean yourself up! Fix those gappy teeth firstly those things are just hideous. Someone on one of the mortgage websites mentioned that he was a slut.. but failed to mention that he is a slut by way of prostitutes both male and female. Some people look the part, some don’t, Michael Llamas looks the part. He likes to stage rape scenes and will pay top dollar for that. He grew up severely overweight, lost his weight and then gained it back again. He always felt in competition with his brothers being the least attractive of the three. Not that the other two are anything special at all as you see. He's a talker. From what I’ve learned he's always been the way he is now. He was a loner and decided that money could buy him fame. Not fame just sickness.

Far Right - Jeffrey Llamas, Haven’t been able to find out much about him besides that he has spent time in the army and has 6 children the oldest is not his and his kids' names are how the Llamas family hides property and money. He has a public myspace searchable by name.

Image Hosted by

(Left: Chris Llamas Middle: Michael Llamas Right: Jeff Llamas)

Image Hosted by

(Left: Chris Llamas Second to the left: Steve Llamas Middle: Mike Llamas Second to the right: Jeff Llamas Right: Kristi Llamas)

- They all suffer from severe depression and a handful of disorders. It takes a certain kind of person to do the things they have done with no remorse, like Charles Manson. The funny part is that they also steal from each other. There are hefty life insurance policies on everyone; murder for money would not be surprising.

Look guys, you have to get creative. I have. How many cell phone providers are there? 7 or so - I called all of them,“Hello I'm calling on behalf of my wife, or my son,” they ask for the name you give it, if they pull nothing you call the next one until bingo you find that individual and family plan. They are not educated people, against a computer hacker they are like a heard of boxer dogs, "can I have a cookie??" You then give the pertinent identifying account info and explain that she is incarcerated and I will be paying the bill, I need an immediate printout faxed because we need it for defense, "oh certainly...have I helped you out today, is there anything else?" it works, you can be anyone over the phone. If they took your house you have got to get creative. You are not dealing with smart people. This is an electronic era, they have a computer, everything gets stored. Clearing cookies does not change a hard drive and once they set foot online their info is available. Readily.

I was actually contacted to work this by someone very close to the Llamass' still today regularly. He wants to see them go down but does not want to cross the line and be out of the loop. They can’t run away, I have published their pictures before but they fought to have the pictures taken down, why? What for. People can’t be warned with a name they need to see the faces. You ALL need to get together an get this televised. No one will be interested in one person's story but as many of you as there are, they will listen. It needs to be ongoing and humiliating like the to catch a predator series.
They are predators and they are stupid about it. Remember over the phone you can be anyone. With cell records you can call who they call visit who they visit. Post pictures up at grocery stores like garage sale signs. They TOOK your home. Making life uncomfortable for them is not illegal. Overseas accounts...well I can’t wait to take on that one. Foreign banks are more corrupt than Chris the cop. If the money disappears what is their recourse, over seas vs. USA..Ha-ha.

If nothing else have a laugh at how ugly they are and get creative. Anger is fuel and they have it coming. I will also be opening Llamas family victim accounts on myspace, twitter, and facebook. I will let u all know the accounts once they have been created. These little blog sites aren’t going to cut it. Join the networking sites. I think people still don’t know the full gravity of the monster that is them and just how many people there are.


I was advised by a participant at a mortgage scam website that Mike Llamas was once quoted saying "I can take care of anybody" I have heard this myself but he must have meant he could take care of anyone in a fudge packing giving head anal sex kind of way..did he flip his hand when he said it?
If he did have any kind of connection it was not your street gangster kind of connection, look at the man; it would have been the blue coller secret society millionairs clUb bullshit, but he's likely been cut loose from there, as I am familiar with their innerworkings also, they cant stand the stupid newbie who does things and gets caught, they wont risk their own skin. To be frank the Llamas's have themselves to worry about, taking the homes of as many people as they did...did they really not think they would not cross someone with legitimate connections, or perhaps someone who felt a couple grand given to a crackhead to "take care of them" was money well spent...Kristy Llamas is also not 17 as indicated on her myspace, she is 18. I have spoken to a Llamas victim who hired somewone to spy on them..some bum with nothing else to do..results were amusing. You can find the daughter on ...getting undressed and dancing like an idiot. they hurt many people but think they did not reach someones spot where they are willing to do anything for revenge with nothing to loose. Messing with ones family is tricky business. There is a victim located in Alameda county who's son is invlolved in the Norteños gang, the Llamas's are major tagerts, and the people aiming aren't going to even think twice considering what has been done to them or their families. Fortunatley legal justice is not the only way to handle this, but still be legal about it ;) after all where will they go? to the police? Laughable.

Have a look-see, Until next time - Much more to come featuring videos and recordings and transcripts and telephone numbers it’ll be a hoot.

Llamas Myspaces'

Jeffrey Llamas (age 27) myspace - (the only profile not set to private)

Kristy Llamas (age 18) myspace -

Shannon Llamas (age 26)- from browsing his comments this is Jeff's wife)

Signing off - your faithful handy P.I

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