Thursday, April 23, 2009

Llamas Family Album

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LEFT: Michael Llamas RIGHT: Christopher Llamas

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LEFT: Kathy (Debbie's sister) RIGHT: Debbie Llamas - The Llamass' even stole Debbie's sister Kathy's house out from under her, they did what they did with no regard, and they will continue until we all stop them.

LEFT: Debbie Llamas SECOND FROM THE LEFT: Chris Llamas SECOND FROM THE RIGHT: Chris's Ex-wife (married only for weeks - divorced and physically abused) RIGHT: Steve Llamas

LEFT: Kathy's daughter Samantha RIGHT: Kristi Llamas

Mike Llamass' corvette- Paid for in cash. The Title was never in Mike's name. Thats just another indicator that they knew what they were doing. This is just one of many toys your stolen money bought. His home is another, of course also paid for in cash. $815,000

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Angry said...

Well don't they just look so cozy, thats just not fair. My house is gone.