Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Lee Loomis

Paragraph 32-36 are worth your read. The Llamas family can deny what they did as Llamas group but this document directly names them...Explain yourselves.

See it here.

FYI: Perter Woodward is Micheal Llamas's current girlsfriend Lauren woodward's father.

I have written to any and all news reporters and talk shows regarding the Llamass'. Many but not all (yet) have replied with interest. Please email your stories to This individual made contact with me and has been of great help since then. Chris Hansen's people have responded so has 7 on your side. I need as many of you as possible to get those stories written and emailed. The producers are waiting. We can get this televised. It is absolutely news worthy, on your behalf and to protect any new victims that might be on the Llamas radar at the moment.
Being televised will impact you greatly, it will both bring attention to these slugs and prompt those who can help you, to step forward and do so.

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