Friday, April 24, 2009

How to's.

You guys can do it too, find and download any file sharing program, limewire is one I used for instance. Usually when people download progrmas like this they keep the settings at the defaults the program chooses. This means that included in the file sharing is not only the music on the computer but also images and documents. If you search Llamas, or any word pertaining to this family and their business and click on images - then search again under documents, you will be very surprised what comes up. Even if the Llamass' delete any file sharing programs they may have, it doesnt stop us from finding their info on the computers of their friends, accociates and enemies.

I have been itching to blow thier shit wide open for quite some time, before they started stealing from people. They were disfunctional and destructive even before that...When Dirty Debbie directly imacted my life. I hope you enjoyed your affair and it shows how truly spinless Steve Llamas is. What kind of pussy-whipped weenie stays in a marriage after it has been marked with infidelity?

These people need to be hunted, daily they need to see your faces. They need every mintue of their lives set as a reminder, they should probably hope that they are arrested before the street catches up to them. There is relative of a victim (different than the NorteƱos son I mentioned previously)in Pelican Bay, I am not up on the prison lingo, some babble about "flying a kite" I'll have to watch a little gangland and find out what that means exactly...

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